Upfront News and Views: A New Direction for Spike, Now Targeting Women and Families, Too -- Simon Applebaum


Venue: Cipriani 42nd St., the stately dining/event hall across from Grand Central Station. Nothing outside the building suggested a Spike showcase would happen here, the opposite of last week's Nickelodeon presentation where a mural on W. 33rd St. guided attendees in. Few pre-show frills inside. The stage was lined by 2001-like monolith slabs, with the network's new logo displayed on the podium and the walls behind. Grade: 3 Jacks

Presentation: Spike returned to the scene of its last upfront showcase almost a decade ago to make three points....


Musical Performances by Jussie Smollett, Connie Britton, Black Canary and Aquaman and More Video Views from Planet Ed -- Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

The unrelenting winter of 2015 is at it again, punishing much of the country with another blast of frigid temperatures and unwelcome snow storms. Maybe this wasn’t the right season for Pivot to launch its frosty new thriller “Fortitude” … or maybe it was, seeing as how millions of people can suddenly relate to the chilling misery of it all.

It’s been a maddening few weeks, to say the least, and it ... more

2015 Network TV Upfront and Digital NewFronts Event Calendar
By MediaBizBloggers

Television Network Upfront and Digital NewFronts Schedule

Please send any additions/changes to maryann@MyersBizNet.com.

... more

Missing Leonard Nimoy and Unruly Breast Physics - Media Unplugged
By Tom Asacker and Mark Ramsey

Who needs an agency when brands want CONTENT, not ADS?


Disruption comes and goes, but human desire is forever.

Then Tom rants/raves about advertisers who don’t seem to mind that their ads aren’t seen. And Mark rants/raves about his first experience “going viral” with a piece on Leonard Nimoy and how video game breasts are made and why they can go so wrong.

It’s episode... more

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