Video of the Week: Vulture’s “All the Marvel Movies in 7 Minutes” – Ed Martin

New York Magazine’s essential online entertainment resource Vulture this week posted a video that ought to be of great interest (if not incredibly useful) to anyone who follows movies or television. It’s a primer of sorts for the upcoming theatrical film “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” which will likely be the biggest of all the summer blockbusters thundering our way. (Click on the image below to watch.)

Titled “All the Backstory for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ in 7 Minutes” (or, on YouTube, ...


Data Makes Its Big Move at Simulmedia's PeopleFront – Charlene Weisler
By Charlene Weisler

Is there anything more exciting in today's media world than data? In my opinion: No!

As evidenced at the recent Simulmedia PeopleFront, several major media and brand companies are busy executing data driven solutions into their sales efforts. Panels of brand leaders, enablers (research companies) and media sellers all spoke of using data to measure outcomes as well as go beyond GRPs and proxy demographics to target and measure... more

AT&T Gets Its Message Across in a “Flash” – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

You’ve got to admire the way The CW does things.

Take its latest promotion: The AT&T sponsored “In a Flash” contest that appears at CWTV.com and receives heavy on-screen promotion during telecasts of its highest rated series, “The Flash.”

Commercials for the contest appear in commercial pods. But they also appear during the show... more

ICYMI: “Ideal length” Is an OOH Platform -- David Lamberti, Outfront Media
By David Lamberti

David Lamberti is Midwest Creative Director for Outfront Media.

As trends and technology evolve and fall in and out of favor, sometimes the simplest, most basic ideas endure and prove to be pure enough, in their original form, to mesh with all forms that follow. Such is the case with out-of-home advertising (OOH).

I recently came across an intriguing data-and-info graphics compiled by ... more

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The Future of Men - Watch the Video

The Future of Men from Inkshares on Vimeo.

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