US Tech Policy: SOTU 2015 - Shelly Palmer

My friends who like to discuss politics and my colleagues who like to write about politics have made it clear to me that President Obama's State of the Union Address was precisely what they expected. My Blue State friends loved it, my Red State friends hated it, and nothing I write here will, or should, change anyone's political worldview. However, if you can put your political ideology aside for a few minutes, we can think through the following issues together as American citizens.

21st Century Infrastructure

During his State of the Union address the President of the United States made several specific references to the state of our technology, starting with the thesis, "21st century businesses need 21st century infrastructure --...


Big Data Alone is Not the Answer: Is There a Holy Grail to the Advertising Business? – Mike Drexler
By Mike Drexler

There's a big, gaping hole in the way we look at marketing and media. Not only throughout the years before the Internet came along, but even today with all the technological advances and access to Big Data we still are missing lots of answers. Just "Big Data" is not the answer. It really depends on what you do with it. And what you must do with it is provide deeper insights before the marketing process begins.

What I... more

FX Networks at TCA: When It Comes to Top Quality TV, HBO and FX are Way Out Ahead – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

Pasadena, CA – FX has for the last ten years had plenty to cheer about during its days at the Summer and Winter Television Critics Association tours. Ever since it premiered its first scripted drama series, "The Shield," in 2002, the network has had something good to say about its growth and ratings and even its ability to win awards. ("Shield" star Michael Chiklis won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a ... more

CES Standouts: SlingTV, Smart TVs and the Internet of Things -- Robert Acquaotta, Active International
By Robert Acquaotta

Welcome Active International, our newest MediaBizBlogger.

It would be easy to dismiss this year's CES show as anticlimactic. Our various screens have already become so amazing to behold that new versions are only incremental in quality and less awe inspiring. Additionally, the (arguably) most important companies whose technologies are shaping our lives -- namely Apple, Google and Microsoft -- don't even make the... more

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