iPhone 6

Apple Watch and the iPhone 6: Things to Ponder - Shelly Palmer

The most impressive thing about Apple's iPhone 6 launch event was not the hardware, software or the company's fantastic ecosystem. It wasn't Apple Heath or even Apple Pay. It was Apple's clear and well-executed strategy.

While the Street was not impressed with any of it (as evidenced by the downward movement in share price) analysts may have missed a subtle, but important point. Apple didn't name the new payment system "iPay" and it didn't name the new watch "iWatch." It replaced the "i" for Internet with the aspirational brand identifier "Apple."

Apple clearly has no interest in the several billion people who don't own smart devices. It doesn't care if you can't afford its products and services. Apple is catering to ...


Suggested Reading and Listening List: Mastering the Mobile Customer Journey – Dan Hodges
By Dan Hodges

Every so often there is a paradigm shift so big that it changes everything. Welcome to a world in which smartphones, proximity targeting and big data are all changing simultaneously, and in real time.

I hear from marketers, “How do I stay informed with all the changes in technology?” and “Are there any good books that are worth reading on this subject?” I am happy to report that there are excellent... more

How to Start (and Sell) a Media Agency -- Brian Jacobs
By Brian Jacobs

There’s a much-reposted piece out there on how to start a creative agency. Clearly the world needs a companion piece on media; and equally clearly it’s up to The Cog Blog to deliver such a thing. So, in the unlikely event that there are still people whose life-long ambition is to start a media agency, The Cog Blog offers this... more

The Future of Across-Screen Advertising: Part IV – Bill Harvey
By Bill Harvey

Raise Ratings and ROI by Integrating All Key Purchaser, Attention and Emotion Drivers

Be Sure to Read Parts One, Two and ... more

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