Viola Davis in ABC's "How to Get Away with Murder"
ABC’s Red-Hot “How to Get Away with Murder” Proves Broadcast Isn’t Playing It Safe – Ed Martin

In an exciting but not altogether unexpected development, the addition of “How to Get Away with Murder” to ABC’s schedule now gives each of the Big Three networks a current drama series that challenges basic cable’s status as the home of top-quality, unapologetically adult programming.

The other two shows that share the distinction of being utterly “cable-worthy” are CBS’ “The Good Wife” (the first to reach this exciting status, and still the best) and NBC’s “The Blacklist” (a handsomely produced thrill-ride that for better or worse has brought pay cable-level violence and brutality to broadcast television). Each of these three can be positioned alongside the best that AMC and FX have to offer....


If Native Advertising is So Great, Why Does It Suck So Much? -- Tom Foran, CRO, Outbrain
By Tom Foran

One of the great many ironies of native advertising is that, as a more a subtle digital output than other forms of advertising, it’s awfully distracting.

With so much of the discourse on native focused on everything but its substance -- from what to call it as a digital trend to how to define it and label its individual unit -- it’s tempting to think that the reason it has yet to graduate to the silver bullet status we... more

The Superpowers of Sir Martin Sorrell Versus the UK Government – Brian Jacobs
By Brian Jacobs

Anyone who works for or has ever worked for Sir Martin Sorrell’s WPP will know the email story. Basically, if you send Sir Martin an email you will get a personal response within around 30 minutes. I can vouch for this being the case. I even tried the theory out after I had left WPP and can report that it still holds.

Quite how Sir Martin does this is unclear; given the number of emails he must receive he must either have ... more

Video Everywhere: From Pennsylvania Avenue to Madison Avenue to Main Street, USA – Barry Frey
By Barry Frey

Marketers need millions of video impressions.

But for a moment, let’s put marketers and advertising aside. Instead, let’s discuss something bigger and probably more important. Let’s talk about how we as a society need to have and to continue today’s important conversations.

How can we best discuss, listen to and engage in all of the vital issues and opportunities of the day, given rapidly shifting... more

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