Tyler Posey at the MTV Movie Awards.
Honda’s Endless Ad, Stephen Hawking Teams with Monty Python and More Video Views from Planet Ed (April 17 Transmission) – Ed Martin

Here are a fresh batch of videos direct from Planet Ed. Just click on the images below to enjoy them.

This is something new: A personalized commercial that never ends! (It’s from mcgarrybowen London.) That’s a Honda CR-V traveling in an endless loop. (Note the mileage counter in the upper left hand corner. Also note the relaxing whooshing on the audio track. It’s very soothing if left on in the background while working at one’s computer.) This spot runs continuously on Honda's YouTube channel and it does something involving viewers’ computers that allows it to include information (time, weather, etc.) about their environments. It’s an amazing and...


2015 Network TV Upfront and Digital NewFronts Event Calendar
By MediaBizBloggers

Television Network Upfront and Digital NewFronts Schedule

Please send any additions/changes to maryann@MyersBizNet.com.

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Upfront News and Views: Crackle is All About Smart TVs and Star Power -- Simon Applebaum
By Simon Applebaum

Venue: The Hudson Theater, the Broadway-theater size space on W. 44th St. between Broadway and 6th Ave. All about formality and few frills here, from an orange red carpet area on one side of the long lobby to soda/coffee/tea stands on either side back of the theater. Cute graphics from the large screen on stage to welcome attendees. Grade: 2.5 Jacks

Presentation: At... more

London Media at Its Best: Papers and “Poldark” – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

I recently spent a few days in London. It was my first time in England, and I was there with friends living as a tourist, so the following observations about media across the pond should be kept in context. They are strictly anecdotal; and they are being commented on by someone (me) who knows little about how television and print work in the United Kingdom.

First off, without more time and effort than I was willing to expend... more

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The Future of Men - Watch the Video

The Future of Men from Inkshares on Vimeo.

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