Four Reasons Every Magazine Should Build an Audience on YouTube – Alison Provost, Touchstorm

Is there a more challenging place to work in media right now than in magazines?

Print sales falling. Digital platforms exploding. Endless technical challenges. More content variations required. The constant threat of advertiser pullbacks. Digital offerings not mature enough to make up for lost print revenues. Data challenges. Readers migrating to tiny mobile screens.

With every new opportunity, journalistic integrity is on the line. Too much work, too little time. Now Mark Zuckerberg says, “Have I got a deal for you!” Should publishers exchange control for eyeballs? The decisions to be made while traveling at light speed could steer their companies into digital dominance and dollars. Or, the opposite. Talk about pressure. And, they still have a...


“Sons of Anarchy” is Bloody Good to the Last Drop – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

Has there ever been a drama on advertiser-supported television as unrelentingly violent as FX’s “Sons of Anarchy?” The brutality on this show can be breathtaking. Not that I have a problem with that. What would be the point? The war against television violence was lost long ago. The television industry, like the movie business before it, has finally loosened up and given the public what it wants. Who am I to stand in ... more

Negotiating the Job You Love Into the Life You Love Throughout Your Career – Katie Donovan, Equal Pay Negotiations LLC
By Katie Donovan

Recent graduates believe they should not negotiate pay and benefits because they have no experience. Working moms are anxious to negotiate pay because they already have the schedule and flexibility needed to meet their family obligations and joys. Childfree women believe they do not have the family obligations needed to negotiate flexible schedules or remote working.

Employers love when you are hesitant to negotiate so they can ... more

Game of Ratings – Alex Petrilli
By Alex Petrilli

(The following blog contains over seven Game of Thrones quotes. Can you spot them all?)

The headlines continue to permeate the media landscape on virtually a daily basis: Nielsen Seven Month Glitch … NBC Wants a Do-over … Nielsen Says Rentrak Doesn’t Let Facts Get in the Way … Rentrak Fires Back … Hodor! Hodor!

As we all know, words are wind, but sometimes that wind can be very... more

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