A La Carte Cable Is Almost Here - Shelly Palmer

In his recent blog post, Tech Transitions, Video, and the Future, Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) writes,

"I am asking the Commission to start a rulemaking proceeding in which we would modernize our interpretation of the term "multichannel video programming distributor" (MVPD) so that it is technology-neutral. The result of this technical adjustment will be to give MVPDs that use the Internet (or any other method of transmission) the same access to programming owned by cable operators and the same ability to negotiate to carry broadcast TV stations that Congress gave to...


Should Digital OOH Be Rebranded Public Video? -- Charlotte Lipman
By Charlotte Lipman

Should Digital Out-of-Home media be rebranded as Public Video? (Vote in our poll below!) That was the suggestion of Digital Place-Based Advertising Association Chairman and Zoom Media CEO François de Gaspé Beaubien at last week’s DailyDOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) Investor Conference. He boldly called for a complete out-of-home rebrand and recommended that the medium change its name to Public Video in order to... more

National Geographic Channel Takes to the Big Easy to Launch New Food Programming – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

These days it seems there are more programs about food on basic cable networks than there are viewers available to watch them. It follows, then, that introducing new specials and series on this burgeoning subject, especially on a network not known for food programming, calls for special marketing and publicity strategies – something more than standard screeners and press releases.

National Geographic Channel, a network... more

Entrepreneurship: Having the Vision to Lose Sight of the Shoreline and Succeed – Monica C. Smith
By Monica Smith

The calendar is now marked with days celebrating Global Entrepreneurship for Women, Women Entrepreneurs and Women’s Entrepreneurship Week. The reality of these new celebrations is there were not a lot of women paving the way for this but there are enough very impressive women in business that have changed the course and direction for millions of women in media, women in toys, women in government, women in fashion, women in... more

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