A Modern Masterpiece from “Modern Family” – Ed Martin

Millions of people yesterday were caught up in The Dress Debate, one of those social media events that briefly become something inexplicably huge and then quickly go away. The merry madness began when a 21-year-old Irish singer named Caitlin McNeill took to Tumblr and posted a photo of a dress which looks to be either white and gold or blue and black depending on a host of factors. Twenty-one million views on Buzzfeed and 800,000 tweets on Twitter followed.

I realize it was completely harmless, but like much of what consumes millions of people on social media #TheDress thing left me with a number of questions. Where do people find the time to follow such silly stuff, let alone participate in it? Don’t they have anything else to think about? Are they so tied ...


Will Dish Network's Sling TV Push Streaming Video Content Beyond the Tipping Point? -- Jim Porçarelli, Active International
By Jim Porçarelli

We're in the midst of a video media revolution.

With the recent proliferation of new digital, social and mobile media channels chipping away at the traditional media model, both media companies and marketers are rethinking and redefining their traditional roles and strategies.

One of the most significant changes in the media marketplace is the shift away from traditional TV broadcasting. As we highlighted recently in our ... more

Critic’s Notebook: “Empire,” “How to Get Away With Murder,” “Nashville” and More – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

In my Academy Awards column last week I noted that the acting and writing on some of television’s finest dramas was comparable (or in some cases superior) to much of what could be enjoyed in the movies nominated this year for Best Picture. I speculated that the relatively modest performances at the box... more

Nickelodeon Kicks Off Upfront Season; Is SpongeBob SquarePants Headed for Broadway? -- Simon Applebaum
By Simon Applebaum

We're back on the Upfront patrol, and from now until mid-May, we'll review what transpires. As always, we break things down into five categories -- venue, presentation, news, host performance and overall --rating each on a scale of 0-5 Jacks. Five Jacks are the best. As for zero Jacks … don't go there.


Venue: Skylight at Moynihan Station, the wide open space around the corner from the U.S. ... more

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