Bill McGoldrick, Tricia Helfer and Dave Howe
Bill McGoldrick, Tricia Helfer and Dave Howe
Planet Ed: Syfy Remains at the Forefront of Digital Publicity with Unique Press Tour – Ed Martin

Syfy on Sunday and Monday in Orlando produced its eighth annual Digital Press Tour – a one of a kind event in television publicity and promotion that puts the network's executives and the stars and producers of its series together with influential bloggers, robust tweeters and other digital communications experts and enthusiasts who operate outside of what might be referred to as the "traditional" press.

The digerati that attend this event every year aren't the same people commonly found at other media press functions such as the twice-yearly Television Critics Association tours and the Upfront and NewFront presentations and parties that every year overwhelm reporters' schedules from February thru May. Rather, these folks focus almost exclusively...


Bigger, Broader, Deeper: The New Purview of the Masters of Marketing - Michael Kassan
By Michael Kassan

Anybody who attended last week's Association of National Advertisers' Masters of Marketing conference in Orlando—and it seemed that everybody was there this year—got the message. It was very loud and extremely clear. The message was this:

It's not about the message anymore.

More precisely, Job One for brand stewards is no longer just about creating messages. As I have noted frequently in this... more

Landmark Ventures and ShellyPalmer Join Forces - Shelly Palmer
By Shelly Palmer

There is a saying I'm quite fond of... "Right now, at this moment, you are experiencing the slowest rate of technological change you will ever experience for the rest of your life." If it's true, and I believe it is, then what kind of business do you need to invent to deal with it?

We are pleased to announce the formation of Landmark | ShellyPalmer, a new partnership for new media deals, combining... more

Apple and Facebook: What happens after a woman has a baby? - Nancy Galanty
By Nancy Galanty

So much has been written and discussed about the recent news that both Facebook and Apple are covering the cost of female egg freezing in their health care plans, it's difficult to insert a new point of view. The reactions have spanned from positive: more choice for working women equals empowerment, to incendiary: the underlying message from Apple and Facebook is an unfair (and illegal) pressure on female employees to delay childbirth ... more

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