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Spotlighting Mobile’s Larger Role in Out-of-Home Marketing -- Jodi Senese, CMO, Outfront

Mobile and out-of-home are rapidly converging and have become increasingly complementary of each other. The on-the-go nature of mobile users blends well with the out-of-home market, and opens up new key marketing opportunities for brands and marketers that are prepared and adept to leverage the power of this synergy.

Consumers are spending larger portions of their day outside the home and are increasingly using their mobile devices during this time. It’s the mobile-mobile connection! These trends are supported by two key findings:

• 70% of all waking hours are spent away from home [1]

• 68% of all mobile usage occurs away from home [2]

Most significantly, in a 2014 survey of time spent on five major media in the US, mobile...


OMG 2! FCC Passed Title II 3-to-2! Calling all Communications Lawyers! Suits Filing Suits Everywhere! Hurry, Hurry! – Paul S. Maxwell
By Paul S. Maxwell

My new book, “The Revolutionary Evolution of the Media,” continues! Read the latest chapter here.

Comment: And we still don’t know what... more

The Telegraph Scandal: Advertising vs. Editorial – Brian Jacobs
By Brian Jacobs

The mighty row over at The Telegraph ignited by the resignation of that well-respected journalist Peter Oborne has brought the relationship between advertising and editorial centre stage once again.

For those Cog Blog readers unaware of our parochial media shenanigans, The Telegraph is a respected broadsheet publisher that attracts a largely conservative readership for whom the paper’s mix of in-depth quality reporting... more

2015 Network TV Upfront and Digital NewFronts Event Calendar
By MediaBizBloggers

Television Network Upfront and Digital NewFronts Schedule

Please send any additions/changes to maryann@MyersBizNet.com.

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