Agency Transparency and Evolved Partnerships -- Steve Grubbs

We need the ref to blow the whistle and call no more piling on the media agencies over business practices and cost transparency. Our industry loves a good public flogging every now and then, but enough already. You’d think that marketers were helpless little old ladies being swindled out of their life savings by those evil, conniving media agencies. Media rebates, media kickbacks, arbitraging inventory … those agency scoundrels are at it again. Shame on them!

Let’s back this up a bit. Yes, the agencies walk a fine line sometimes, and they may operate in the grey areas of the white to black spectrum of what has been acceptable industry practice ... this being no different than many of their clients. However, this presumption that agencies are ...


The Cord-Cutting, Multicultural Millennial Way -- Simon Applebaum
By Simon Applebaum

There are two trains of thought in media circles about the multicultural millennial generation -- at least in the matter of whether they lead the way in breaking multichannel umbilical cords across America.

One train is that they are doing exactly that. The cord-cutting train has left the station and will pick up speed with the growing popularity of smart TVs and devices that make TVs smart (Roku/Chromecast/Amazon Fire, etc.).... more

Hindsight TV: Seth Meyers and Ted Cruz on Media, Politics and the Difference Between Satellite and Cable – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

I have been known to complain about the broadcast networks’ tendencies to repeat recent installments of their late-night talk shows within a week or two of their original telecasts. But I was pleased last Friday that NBC offered a rerun of the March 16 edition of “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” which included among its guests Senator Ted Cruz, who on March 23 announced his candidacy for the Republican Party nomination ... more

Big Data Fail (Or, Keep the Humans) – Brian Jacobs
By Brian Jacobs

Big data has failed me. Like every right-minded person I bought the argument that world peace would be achieved, or at least that my life would be immeasurably better as a result of all those clever algorithms. Yet somehow I am still bombarded by unimaginable crap every day -- and this crap is not just annoying it is startlingly, professionally irrelevant.

Here is a selection of a few days’ worth of emails to me at Brian... more

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The Future of Men - Watch the Video

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