Pilgrim Tech: The Hottest Tech Trends of 1620 - Shelly Palmer

On August 15, 1620, the "Old Comers" set sail on two merchant ships: the Mayflower and the Speedwell. Sadly, the Speedwell was not up to the task and was forced to return to port about a month into its journey. My great-great-greatest-grandfather was probably on the Speedwell, but my friend Bill Bradford's great-great-greatest-grandfather, William Bradford, was on the Mayflower. He and about 100 other "saints" and "pilgrims" used the best technology available and an unwavering belief in their interpretation of religious doctrine to found a colony in the New World.

In honor of these fiercely committed individuals and the Thanksgiving holiday they created for us, here is a short list of emerging technologies and changing philosophies...


Thanksgiving Blessings: The Rise in Smart TVs and Other Media Advancements -- Simon Applebaum
By Simon Applebaum

Here and elsewhere for years, I've commented on the reluctance and apathy the majority of venture capitalists, angel investors, incubators and accelerators have for investing in the next generation of TV programming, technology and services. It's an attitude you don't see in them when it comes to Internet investments (both content and tech), smartphones, tablets, even film ventures. Say the word “TV” in front of these... more

Giving Thanks for "The Middle" and "Mom" -- Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

When talking television, let us give thanks this holiday weekend for two shows that stand out from their genre peers: ABC’s “The Middle” and CBS’ “Mom.” As situation comedies go, these two are smarter and funnier than most and every bit as entertaining as the immensely popular “Modern Family” and “The Big Bang Theory” (also on ABC and CBS, respectively).

The quality... more

Are Ad Buyers Tapping Automation for Mobile Native Advertising? -- Anne Frisbie, InMobi and Joe Prusz, Rubicon Project
By Anne Frisbie and Joe Prusz

Native advertising. The buzzword is such a hot topic that even our popular culture has started sounding off on it.

But while native advertising is often wholly conflated with sponsored content -- those paid advertorial placements that blend seamlessly, and sometimes deceptively, with surrounding content -- some digital advertising buyers have a more textured view of what native advertising is and what it can achieve in its... more

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