GoDaddy and Barton F. Graf 9000 Start Super Bowl XLIX Week with a Toxic Thud – Ed Martin

Since the word (or words) I want to use likely would block this column from more than a few corporate e-mail accounts, I will instead kick it off with “ass-hats” and hope for the best. I have no idea what an “ass-hat” actually might be, mind you. It’s a term that I believe was brought to life in one of those television writers’ rooms that produce so many strange words and phrases, the likes of which are never heard in real life.

Those writers may be out of touch with reality, but not nearly to the extent of the “ass-hats” responsible for “Journey Home,” the rightly maligned GoDaddy commercial about the imperiled puppy. At this point you have probably read a good deal about it. You have probably seen it, as...


Emperor of the Internet - Shelly Palmer
By Shelly Palmer

January 30, 2021 - The message was everywhere. Online, on mobile, on television, on email, on everything... everywhere.

"I am NoMan, Emperor of the Internet, Online Imperator and Lord of IPv6, Imperial ruler of the web, Grand King of the Ethernet, Keeper of the Royal Encryption Algorithms, Monarch of Virtual World. If I allow you to communicate with me, you will address me as, Your... more

Super Bowl XLIX: How Brands Can Win the Big Game with YouTube, Before the Game Starts – Cenk Bulbul, Google
By Cenk Bulbul

Congrats to the Patriots and the Seahawks for making it to the Big Game. Of course, we will try to predict which team is going to win, but luckily we can offer more than predictions on how brands can win the big game on YouTube before the game starts.

Super Bowl XLIX is about to remind everyone, yet again, that the biggest football game of the year is a cultural phenomenon that drives massive engagement. It attracts... more

Without a Host to Call Its Own, CBS’ “Late Late Show” is Must-See TV – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

For all the fuss last year about the current round of musical chairs among CBS’ late night talk shows – Ferguson is gone, Letterman is leaving, Corden is on deck, Colbert is coming – surprisingly little attention is being paid to something the network is doing right now … keeping “The Late Late Show” alive during the approximately three month gap between Craig Ferguson’s departure and James... more

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