The CW's "Jane the Virgin"
Lessons Learned from the Hits and Misses of the 2014-15 TV Season – Ed Martin

Pilot season is in full swing, as network and studio executives busily rush through a process that should have been abolished years ago, trying in the space of just a few short weeks to pull together most of the new scripted series programming that will land on the broadcasters' 2015-16 schedules when they are announced in May.

What are they looking at and what should they be considering? The answers ought to be obvious -- but before we go further let’s put aside that unfortunate Deadline story about the current pilot process that seems to have ...


Understanding Content: Lead Generation vs. Demand Generation – Nick Rojas
By Nick Rojas

Nick Rojas is a Los Angeles-based business consultant and writer.

Though content marketing is now an accepted and widely adopted form of marketing, there continue to be a lot of nuances that people don’t seem to understand. One of these tricky nuances is the distinction between lead generation and demand generation. How are these things similar? How are they different? If you want to be successful in content... more

Making Insights Come True on YouTube -- Cenk Bulbul, Google
By Cenk Bulbul

What if all marketing insights came true? Or more literally, what if every ad campaign drove brand metrics or sales? It would truly be amazing, but is this even a realistic question? I want to dig into what that means and how we can make insights come true in the context of YouTube with a new tool and a few practical tips.

Let’s start from the very beginning … every campaign starts with an insight. The stronger the ... more

Time to RE:THINK the Role of Research -- Charlene Weisler
By Charlene Weisler

This year’s ARF RE:THINK conference showed the industry how far research has come in impacting the overall media business model. In the days of spots and dots and proxy demographic targets, research played more of a report card role asking the eternal question: How well did we do within our limited universe of influence? But now, thanks to digital video across... more

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The Future of Men - Watch the Video

The Future of Men from Inkshares on Vimeo.

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