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Upfront News and Views: A New Direction for Spike, Now Targeting Women and Families, Too -- Simon Applebaum
By Simon Applebaum


Venue: Cipriani 42nd St., the stately dining/event hall across from Grand Central Station. Nothing outside the building suggested a Spike showcase would happen here, the opposite of ... more

Nickelodeon Kicks Off Upfront Season; Is SpongeBob SquarePants Headed for Broadway? -- Simon Applebaum
By Simon Applebaum

We're back on the Upfront patrol, and from now until mid-May, we'll review what transpires. As always, we break things down into five categories -- venue, presentation, news, host performance and overall --rating each on a scale of 0-5 Jacks. Five Jacks are the best. As for zero Jacks … don't go... more

2015 Network TV Upfront and Digital NewFronts Event Calendar
By MediaBizBloggers

Television Network Upfront and Digital NewFronts Schedule

Please send any additions/changes to

... more

By MediaBizBloggers

The 2016/17 Upfront Presentation week has been scheduled for Monday, May 16 to Thursday May 19, a week later than the traditional timing. Next year’s Upfront presentation Week will remain May 11 to May 14. Planners scheduling and booking their events should note the new dates for 2016/17 Upfront Week. Broadcast networks set the... more

Looking Back at the Best and Worst of the Upfront and NewFront Presentations – Simon Applebaum
By Simon Applebaum

The best things, in no particular order, about this year's parade of Upfront events:

Different, more immersive approaches to getting messages across, with AMC's sit-down dinner presentation a major example.

Press-directed events where talent both in front of and behind the camera had as much face time as network... more

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