Upfront 2014: Insights, Updates & Schedules

Upfront Review: Pivot’s Quest for “Upstanders” -- Simon Applebaum
By Simon Applebaum

With Passover at one end and Good Friday at the other, only one programmer weighed in last week with a New York event. This lull will not be long-lasting. The pace heats up this week with events from Scripps Networks, MTV and BET, and debuts by Revolt TV and Cinemoi North... more

Upfront Reviews: UP's Bus Ride; FX Heads “Fargo” Way -- Simon Applebaum
By Simon Applebaum

A busy week of New York upfront events launched in unusual fashion, thanks to the respective activities of UP (Uplifting Entertainment) and FX Networks (FX/FXX).


Venue: For the third straight year, UP parked a bus next to Bryant Park on W. 40th St. (stocked with appetizers, munchies and... more

Upfront Review: The Wide World of Discovery Communications -- Simon Applebaum
By Simon Applebaum

Few annual upfront presentations get so elaborate and turn their focus on a dime than those if Discovery Communications. Their 2014 multi-network showcase was the second of two upfronts happening last week.

Venue : Another go with Jazz At Lincoln Center's Rose Hall auditorium. The crowd coming this time... more

Upfront Reviews: CMT, Screenvision, Amazon -- Simon Applebaum
By Simon Applebaum

The annual April shower of NYC upfronts started last week with a pair of TV players in action. CMT, mixing country music programming with reality series about eclectic down-homers of late, was first at bat.

Venue: Second go-round in a month for TimesCenter on W. 41st St. As with The Weather Channel, CMT used the ground floor Stage... more

AMC Upfront: Contender for Best Event of 2014 -- Simon Applebaum
By Simon Applebaum

AMC during last year's upfront season introduced its "something more" brand motto. The network generously applied the motto last Thursday, via the final NYC upfront event of March.

Venue : Pier 36, the spacious indoor facility that played memorable home to USA Network's upfront and YouTube's... more

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