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Larry Orell

Larry Orell


Managing Director
TargetCast tcm

The pace of change in our business is beyond our wildest imagination. Media a.k.a. technology is with us all the time. The challenge isn’t mastering the technology. It is mastering the moment when we enter into consumers’ lives…the Aperture Moment. To earn that privilege, we need great ideas to build great relationships. While it is undeniably more challenging today, it is a great time to be engaged in our business, because everything is possible!

I began my career at Grey Advertising in media research. With that as a solid foundation, I moved into planning on Procter & Gamble earning my “masters in marketing.” Over a four year span I worked on various food brands, detergents and other household products. I was promoted to Assistant Group Head managing twenty-one media planning professionals.

I left Grey advertising to join Lord, Geller, Federico & Einstein to launch IBM’s PC, PCjr and software. Among other responsibilities, I developed extensive technology experience. I led the task force that designed and installed IBM’s first inter-agency network which managed all print activity and budget reporting. It was at this point that I recognized the profound impact technology was having on our lives.

During the latter portion of my tenure at a Lord agency, I was promoted to General Manager. It was the first time someone from media filled that position. While that was a rewarding experience, I missed working for clients. My experience during the ‘Lord Years” spans a wide range of categories, including automotive, beverages, corporate image, fashion, financial services, food, OTC, retail and technology.

In 2000, I once again found myself happily back in the media world. I joined Initiative Worldwide as the General Manager of New York. My time was split between agency management, new business and client assignments. I expanded on that role in 2006, when I became the US COO for Initiative Worldwide. I was able to combine my advertising, management and technology experiences into client facing solutions.

In February of this year, I joined TargetCast to start a new division TargetCast inside. Our mission is to work for advertising agencies in support of their client relationships. While this model is not new, now more than ever, independent agencies need to augment their media capabilities. Keeping pace with change, that arguably started when the IBM PC and MAC were launched, is now becoming a cost of entry to remain competitive.

At TargetCast inside, we of course must deliver a superior media product. But at the end of the day, great ideas, building great relationships for client success will be the ultimate metric. To us that is what matters.

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