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Bill Harvey has spent over 35 years leading the way in media research with pioneer thinking in New Media, set top box data, optimizers, measurement standards, privacy standards, the ARF Model; and inventions such as ADI/DMA, addressable commercials, passive peoplemeters, media/purchase singlesource by Big Data matching (4 U.S. patents assigned... more

Becoming a Hero with Big Data – Bill Harvey
By Bill Harvey

I see a pattern emerging. Individuals, often those with some mathematical sophistication, gain access to their company’s Big Data and demonstrate amazing abilities to increase marketing productivity using the data. They move up the totem pole to a less technical/clerical position to one of leadership, strategy, creativity and... more

A Trick to Increase Sample Size – Bill Harvey
By Bill Harvey

Why a Convenience Sample Might Be Better Than a Probability Sample

Targeting as it gets more sophisticated tends to tighten the definition of who is a target. In the old days the sex/age groups used were nearly half the population. Current targets average closer to 20% of pop.

Everyone knows the... more

Odds Now Favor Competition in U.S. TV Ratings: Part 10 – Bill Harvey
By Bill Harvey

Kantar vs. Nielsen

For the past few months I’ve been writing this series of articles about which competitors are likely to band together and emerge as the counterforce to Nielsen in US TV audience measurement. Since March 6, one likely scenario seems to be emerging, not necessarily precluding other scenarios.... more

ARF RE:THINK 2015 Changes the World – Bill Harvey
By Bill Harvey

ARF CEO Gayle Fuguitt set out to change the world and now she has done it. Three days in Manhattan at ARF’s annual RE:THINK event set the media-advertising complex into a whole new direction.

Job fear. That was the secret to so much leverage. Archimedes is beaming down.

The cream of the research cadre responsible for the ... more

The Ninefold Path to Marketing Transformation: Part 2 – Bill Harvey
By Bill Harvey

Note: This was the title of my presentation at ARF's special conference at Simulmedia on March 3 with David Poltrack and Dave Morgan. Here's a link to a full video of the conference.... more

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