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Bill Harvey has spent over 35 years leading the way in media research with pioneer thinking in New Media, set top box data, optimizers, measurement standards, privacy standards, the ARF Model; and inventions such as ADI/DMA, addressable commercials, passive peoplemeters, media/purchase singlesource by Big Data matching (4 U.S. patents assigned... more

How a Smaller-Spending Brand Can Punch Above Its Weight – Bill Harvey and Barbara Connors
By Bill Harvey

Much is made of digital's ability to target down to the consumer and measure the sales impact. Some scoff at TV's broad reach and inability to target and measure sales lift. Others whisper than some TV money is coming out of the upfront destined for digital.

Here's a true life ... more

Silos, Micromanagement, Bureaucracy and Fear Are a Lethal Combination for Business – Bill Harvey
By Bill Harvey

My great friend Kevin (not his real name) was always in the Flow state when I met with him at his company’s offices. He was high on his company. Since I had always respected the company myself -- as I do many companies -- at one point I made some... more

What’s the Best Target to Set for Your Auto Advertising? – Bill Harvey
By Bill Harvey

In Byron Sharp’s classic How Brands Grow he cautions advertisers against selecting media to focus on current customers to the exclusion of prospects. In auto advertising, then, this would suggest not selecting TV programs that reach your current... more

OTT: Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Audience Differences -- Bill Harvey and Alex Petrilli
By Bill Harvey & Alex Petrilli

In Part 4 of our series we forage into the heavy OTT household to determine what characteristics and viewing preferences categorize a Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant subscriber. Based on our January 2014 survey of the TiVo Power||Watch Panel of people who streamed six or more hours a month from one of the... more

Which Program Type Dominates OTT? – Bill Harvey and Alex Petrilli
By Bill Harvey & Alex Petrilli

Third of a Three-Part Series on Over The Top Viewing with Alex Petrilli of TiVo

In the first and ... more

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