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Bill Harvey has spent over 35 years leading the way in media research with pioneer thinking in New Media, set top box data, optimizers, measurement standards, privacy standards, the ARF Model; and inventions such as ADI/DMA, addressable commercials, passive peoplemeters, media/purchase singlesource by Big Data matching (4 U.S. patents assigned... more

Odds Now Favor Competition in U.S. TV Ratings: Part 2 – Bill Harvey
By Bill Harvey

Why Competition Never Possible Before is Now Likely — A Multi-Part Series. (Read Part One more

Odds Now Favor Competition in U.S. TV Ratings: Part I – Bill Harvey
By Bill Harvey

New competition in the business of U.S. television ratings that was never before possible is now increasingly likely. To understand why, a review of the history of television audience measurement should prove helpful.

Nielsen has proven itself invulnerable to... more

Broadcast Prime Highest ROI, Nielsen Undercounting as Much as 20% -- Bill Harvey
By Bill Harvey

As part of Advertising Week in New York, the five big broadcast TV networks gathered the top buyers together with Hollywood producers and creatives on October 2. CBS Chief Research Officer David Poltrack had invited me to his table with Gayle Fuguitt, CEO of ARF, Poltrack’s ace wingman Greg Kasparian, and the estimable Leslie... more

Data Driving is More Fun (and Safer) Than Driving by the Seat of One’s Pants – Bill Harvey
By Bill Harvey

In 2008 the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) surveyed advertisers and found that 42% of them had some form of inhouse agency, performing some media and/or creative functions. ANA repeated the study in 2013 and found that proportion had grown +38% and was then at 58%, with another 6% shuttering such an operation while another 4% ... more

When to Use Fusion, When to Insist Upon Direct Match – Bill Harvey
By Bill Harvey

Fusion Leaves Out 84% of Variation in Product/Brand Purchase

Today we have a vast sea of data sources to choose among in making better media decisions. This article is a simple explanation of the two main types of data available, how they differ from each other and when it is advisable to use each one of... more

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