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Bill Harvey has spent over 35 years leading the way in media research with pioneer thinking in New Media, set top box data, optimizers, measurement standards, privacy standards, the ARF Model; and inventions such as ADI/DMA, addressable commercials, passive peoplemeters, media/purchase singlesource by Big Data matching (4 U.S. patents assigned... more

Over the Top Viewing: OTT Is Goring Whose Ox? – Bill Harvey and Alex Petrilli
By Bill Harvey & Alex Petrilli

Second of a Three-Part Series with Alex Petrilli of TiVo

In the first installment of this series we defined OTT as TV viewing on the main TV set, via Internet Protocol (IP) but not via IPTV delivered by the... more

How Big is OTT? -- Bill Harvey and Alex Petrilli
By Bill Harvey & Alex Petrilli

First of a 3-Part Series with Alex Petrilli of TiVo

Note: By the time we get to the end of this three-part series we will have fresh data for a fourth, so that in about a month we’ll have delivered to you the latest stats on this phenomenon, which changes everything... more

You Can Play to the Method in the Ratings Game and the Branding Game, but Not in the ROI Game -- Bill Harvey
By Bill Harvey

Decades ago a broadcaster mentor said to me, “Reality? What do I care about reality? All I care about is affecting the Nielsen panel!”

In the ‘80s I was using automated celebrity-voice interactive phone calls to raise ratings. One of the large broadcast stations in New York was skeptical that 250,000 completes in... more

In Praise of Research as New Key to Leadership Teams -- Bill Harvey
By Bill Harvey

There is a lot of work to do, and the research departments and external research suppliers are inspired by Gayle Fuguitt’s ARF leadership, now knowing that research needs to get a seat at the table in the C Suite for the good of businesses and the economy. The siloed way of running companies wearing unintentional blinders to... more

In Praise of Business Optimization - Bill Harvey
By Bill Harvey

Marion Harper was the genius who invented agency holding companies. He was also a seer who knew where the future would eventually be going. What none of us could ever have suspected is how long real innovations take to happen in the advertising industry.

Harper invented a thing called the Applied Science Group in which I was one of... more

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