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Ed Martin has written about television and Internet programming for several Myers publications since 2000, including The Myers Report, The Myers Programming Report, MediaVillage and, at present, MediaBizBloggers on

A member of the Television Critics Association since 1990, Ed is among the media's best-known... more

A Modern Masterpiece from “Modern Family” – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

Millions of people yesterday were caught up in The Dress Debate, one of those social media events that briefly become something inexplicably huge and then quickly go away. The merry madness began when a 21-year-old Irish singer named Caitlin McNeill took to Tumblr and posted a photo of a dress which looks to be either white and gold or... more

Critic’s Notebook: “Empire,” “How to Get Away With Murder,” “Nashville” and More – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

In my Academy Awards column last week I noted that the acting and writing on some of television’s finest dramas was comparable (or in some cases superior) to much of what could be enjoyed in the movies... more

The Most Surprising Academy Awards Telecast Ever – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

I thought this year’s Academy Awards would be devoid of surprises and memorable moments. I also assumed that despite the relatively lackluster group of nominees that dominated the top categories that indefatigable host Neil Patrick Harris would work the same magic he brought to four gigs as host of the Tony Awards and two as host... more

Who Will Watch the Academy Awards – and Why? – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

Here come the Academy Awards, one of the biggest television events of the year and one that is expected to draw more viewers than just about anything else broadcast has to offer in 2015. As always at this time there are certain questions on the minds of many. Who will win? Will there be any big surprises? Who will be the best... more

The NBC of Things – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

It occurred to me yesterday that four of the last five columns I have transmitted from Planet Ed have been about NBC. Throw in two recent columns about ... more

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