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Ed Martin has written about television and Internet programming for several Myers publications since 2000, including The Myers Report, The Myers Programming Report, MediaVillage and, at present, MediaBizBloggers on

A member of the Television Critics Association since 1990, Ed is among the media's best-known... more

Giving Thanks for "The Middle" and "Mom" -- Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

When talking television, let us give thanks this holiday weekend for two shows that stand out from their genre peers: ABC’s “The Middle” and CBS’ “Mom.” As situation comedies go, these two are smarter and funnier than most and every bit as entertaining as the immensely popular “Modern Family”... more

National Geographic Channel Debuts “Chug,” The First Fully Fan-Funded Series from Kickstarter – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

National Geographic Channel tonight is following up its three-part miniseries “Eat,” about all things food, with the launches of two new observational reality series that further explore the topic – “Eric Greenspan is Hungry” and “Chug.”

It’s not easy for reality series of any kind that ... more

"Fifty Shades of Grey," "Youthful Daze" and More Video Views from Planet Ed (Nov. 19 Transmission) – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

Just click on the images below to watch the latest video transmissions via Planet Ed.

Here’s the most recent trailer for the feverishly anticipated feature film “Fifty Shades of... more

“Sons of Anarchy” is Bloody Good to the Last Drop – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

Has there ever been a drama on advertiser-supported television as unrelentingly violent as FX’s “Sons of Anarchy?” The brutality on this show can be breathtaking. Not that I have a problem with that. What would be the point? The war against television violence was lost long ago. The television industry, like the movie... more

“Murphy Brown” Still Offers Timeless Observations About the Media – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

It will make many readers of this column feel quite old when I refer to “Murphy Brown,” widely regarded in its day as one of the most “contemporary” comedies in television history, as a “classic.”

When “Murphy Brown” made its debut in 1988 the American television audience, which was... more

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