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Ed Martin has written about television and Internet programming for several Myers publications since 2000, including The Myers Report, The Myers Programming Report, MediaVillage and, at present, MediaBizBloggers on

A member of the Television Critics Association since 1990, Ed is among the media's best-known... more

Is TNT’s “Dallas” Dead? If So, Should Another Network (CBS) Save It? – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

... more

Fall Overview, Part II: NBC, Fox and The CW – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

Welcome to Planet Ed – a world of television, video and media reviews along with in-depth analysis and views you can... more

Fall Overview, Part I: ABC and CBS – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

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ABC and CBS Kick Off the 2014-15 Television Season in a Big Way – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

After a four-month wait premiere week is finally here.

As I noted in last Thursday’s column , it almost feels like an anti-climax given the relentless promotion of the... more

The 2014-15 Television Season Begins Next Week. Where’s the Anticipation? – Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

My copy of TV Guide’s annual Fall Preview issue arrived last week … and I didn’t even open it until the following day.

That’s not a dig at TV Guide. I’m still a fan. (I’m one of those people who bought it every week while I was in college even though I didn’t have a television in my dorm... more

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