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Ed Martin has written about television and Internet programming for several Myers publications since 2000, including The Myers Report, The Myers Programming Report, MediaVillage and, at present, MediaBizBloggers on

A member of the Television Critics Association since 1990, Ed is among the media's best-known... more

CBS' Nina Tassler Puts the New Media Universe in Perspective - Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

Beverly Hills, CA – For as long as I can remember, the only audience that counted, at least among network executives and their advertisers, was adults 18-49. CBS has been the lone challenger during that time, arguing – with its words sometimes falling on deaf ears – that adults 25-54 and, in fact, all viewers were also ... more

Hulu, Amazon and DirecTV Deliver Big Stars, Big News, Big Events - Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

Beverly Hills, CA -- What's the difference between a television network and a streaming service? At Television Critics Association tours the answer is increasingly, "Not much."

This was abundantly clear last Saturday when Amazon Studios and Hulu largely dominated an entire day at the Summer tour. Amazon, making its TCA... more

Diversity at ABC - Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

Beverly Hills, CA – Since the announcement of its 2014-15 primetime schedule back in May, ABC has been on the receiving end of great praise for what may be the most diversity rich group of new series any broadcast network has ever put together for a single season.

Diversity was certainly the big buzz word Tuesday during the... more

NBC Chief Bob Greenblatt on the Upfront, "Peter Pan Live," Bill Cosby and "Hannibal" - Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

Beverly Hills, CA – NBC put on a jam-packed and very effective day Sunday at the Summer Television Critics Association tour, which included panels for all of its new fall series, its upcoming telecast of the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, show-runners from several of its returning shows (including The... more

Hallmark, NatGeo, BBC America and El Rey Stand Out - Ed Martin
By Ed Martin

Beverly Hills, CA -- At a time when so many networks are increasingly finding ways to cut costs during their segments of the Television Critics Association tours – either by appearing at only one of the two annual tours, or eliminating the evening parties for which they were once known, or sharing resources with corporate siblings ... more

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