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Jack Myers is a media ecologist and chairman of MyersBizNet, a network of more than 200 media and advertising companies. MyersBizNet provides members with economic intelligence, marketing and communications resources, sales development tools and career enhancement programs.

Jack is a technology and economic visionary, award-winning... more

Viacom, Scripps & Turner Focus on Integrated Marketing; Viacom Doubles Down on Investment
By Jack Myers

Scroll down for the top 20 ranked specialty entertainment networks among the 35 measured in the MyersBizNet report for Integrated Marketing and Promotional Support.

In a new study of 300 advertiser and agency executives on their... more

Advertising vs. Below-the-Line Shopper Marketing: The Economics
By Jack Myers

Scroll down for MyersBizNet's detailed Advertising and Promotional/Shopper Marketing Spending Data and Forecasts 2013-2020. Read more on the implications of Shopper Marketing for media and agencies ... more

IRWIN GOTLIEB's 2005 Future Vision
By Jack Myers

On October 21, at the Pierre Hotel in New York, one of the media industry's true visionaries, and a mentor to many, will be honored by the IRTS at the annual Hall of Mentorship dinner, along with BET Chairman/CEO Debra L. Lee. For dinner details, contact In 2005, Irwin outlined... more

IRWIN GOTLIEB: Lunch at Michael's with Media's Most Powerful Person
By Jack Myers

On Tuesday October 21st, media industry legend and all-around good guy Irwin Gotlieb will be honored by the IRTS at the Hall of Mentorship dinner, along with BET Chairman/CEO Debra L. Lee. I first met Irwin when he was at Benton & Bowles in the early 1980s, and I'm proud to have him as a friend. In 2005, Irwin and ... more

Classic Jack: Keeping You Ahead of the (NY) Times
By Jack Myers

Last March, MyersBizNet exclusively advised our members about the pending marketing and advertising opportunities that would soon be made available by Sound Cloud. Earlier this week, The New York Times published a lengthy announcement touting the company and its ad sales plans to incorporate advertising and let artists... more

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