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Jack Myers is a media ecologist and chairman of MyersBizNet, a network of more than 200 media and advertising companies. MyersBizNet provides members with economic intelligence, marketing and communications resources, sales development tools and career enhancement programs.

Jack is a technology and economic visionary, award-winning... more

Classic Jack: Keeping You Ahead of the (NY) Times
By Jack Myers

Last March, MyersBizNet exclusively advised our members about the pending marketing and advertising opportunities that would soon be made available by Sound Cloud. Earlier this week, The New York Times published a lengthy announcement touting the company and its ad sales plans to incorporate advertising and let artists... more

Redux: Are Marketing Zombies Leading Our Industry?
By Jack Myers

The following commentary was originally published a year ago. I’m pleased to report that legacy media are beginning a resurgent period and regaining their rightful place at the top of the marketing pyramid. But the unfortunate truth remains that, even as our business thrives and expands, we continue down self-destructive... more

Is Netflix' House of Cards and Binge Viewing the Future of TV?
By Jack Myers

Originally published March 2013

The Netflix release of House of Cards last month did two newsworthy things. It moved original programming by a streaming video provider into the big time with its $100 million two-season ... more

Twitter: We Gave You the Heads Up in May 2007!
By Jerry Weinstein and Jack Myers

If you're a luddite who isn't interested in twittering about your commute or heading out for pizza, you're missing the point, Failing to Twitter is like refusing to believe that TV had a future. Twitter is a new communications medium, and if you're ignoring it, you're missing your best opportunity to stay in touch with your friends, family,... more

Is Facebook the Next Google? - Jerry Weinstein
By Jerry Weinstein

Originally published June 13, 2007

Facebook's new platform opening the site to all-comers might be new to the marketplace, but Marc Canter, late of Macromedia, has been touting its basic ideas for some time. The CEO of Broadband Mechanics came up with the concept of Digital Lifestyle... more

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