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Published: April 30, 2012 at 09:42 AM GMT
Last Updated: April 30, 2012 at 09:42 AM GMT

By Kristy Carruba

The answer to Friday's Trivia Question, Bela Karolyi was Nadia Comenici's coach which pretty much put him on the map.

FIRST FIVES: Elke Raskob, Karen Hadley, Heather Doyle, Lisa Esposito, & He Who Shall Not Be Named

The answer to Friday's Blog Only Trivia Question: Adam on RULES OF ENGAGEMENT is Kate Hudson's brother

FIRST FIVES: Lisa McCusker, He Who Shall Not Be Named, Gerald Piscopo & Patrick Reilly

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5






Thursday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5




30 ROCK (CFF)-NBC 79,678


Thursday's Cable Top 5


SWAMP PEOPLE-History 1.4/4.0


AMERICAN DAD-Adult Swim .8/2.2


Thursday's Cable Trendrr Top 5

NFL DRAFT-ESPN 1,181,898

PUNK'D-MTV 35,251


SWAMP PEOPLE-History 28,920


Friday's Broadcast Top 5



CSI NY-CBS 1.4/8.8


20/20-ABC 1.4/4.9

Friday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5

GRIMM-NBC 74,168




NIKITA-CW 41,980

Friday's Cable Top 5

Not Available yet

Friday's Cable Trendrr Top 5


WWE-Syfy 52,245



MAGIC CITY-Starz 23,390

-I really should have taken a photo or video of what I looked like when I watched LIVE WITH KELLY on Friday when Mark Consuelos was back as co-host. I have this dumb grin on my face. I just love him and I love them together. Mark's perfection overshadowed his wife's hideous Pepto Bismol dress and the two of them were hilarious when they were imitating Marks parents and how they bicker and move around their apartment. It's always funny when it's someone Else's parents and not yours... Still no sign of the necklace, just thought you should know.

-I thought that August was the author of Henry's book of fairy tales on ONCE UPON A TIME, and while I'm still not so sure that he isn't, we do officially know that he IS Pinocchio. Apparently it was the Blue, Jimmy Choo wearing Fairy, who made a deal with Gepetto to turn Pinocchio from a creepy looking wooden puppet, into a real boy with the condition that he be brave, truthful and unselfish. The Blue Fairy comes back and asks Gepetto to build the magical wardrobe that Snow White and Prince Charming are going to need to send baby Emma in so that 28 years later she can save everyone from the Queens evil curse. Gepetto says that he will do it only if Pinocchio can go too since he isn't sure what will happen to Pin once the spell is cast. The Fairy agrees, but then the baby is born early so Snow should be the one to go and take care of her, but Gepetto sends Pinocchio first, which means that only one more person can go through the wardrobe. So, Pin and Emma both end up in, of course a horrible orphanage, in our world. (That's how it always goes down in these stories, horrible step parents, foster families etc) So Pin leaves Emma to fend for himself...I told you he had no shot in staying a real boy. So he comes back to Storybrooke 28 years later to make Emma believe and come to terms with her destiny in time to save everyone, including himself from turning back into wood. Emma doesn't want to believe... she doesn't want to be the one responsible for saving everyone, so she can't see Pin's wooden legs. There were so many things to think about with this episode, but for me, it was why would a fairy who flies need a pair of 1200 Jimmy Choo's and how could Gepetto throw Pin into that tree without any supplies? No clothes, or food, or an X-Box? What kinda parent is that? 2 more episodes to what looks like an awesome season finale.

-I know for a fact that I did start watching GAME OF THRONES, because I saw the smokemonster kill the gay King guy, but I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up...VEEP was on. I hate when that happens. So now I have to catch up on GOT tonight.

-I thought for sure that VEEP would get better, but the show just isn't funny. Am I missing something? I tried and really wanted to like it, but it's just not happening for me. I am getting really nervous about NEWSROOM now. If that show isn't good, HBO is just really in trouble. Is it cancel your HBO trouble? These days with viewer's choices so vast, and everyone making hard decisions on where to spend their money for the content they want, the competition is intense. At this point, GAME OF THRONES is all HBO has to keep me...

-ICE LOVES COCO was my kind of finale...no big weddings, nobody giving birth...PUPPIES is so the way to end a season! Spartacus became a dad and the puppies were so darn cute! Ice and Coco got to pick one and while Coco was certain she wanted the only girl in the litter Prince Maximus (Ice named him obviously) picked Coco. If the puppies weren't good enough news, Coco's blood pressure problems are much better and the doctor cleared her for starting a family, but Coco ended the season saying that for now Maximus is her new baby and she is going to focus him and the new house. As always, Ice sits back playing X-Box and says whatever makes Coco happy is fine by me.

-I have a confession, I know that I have in my list of rules, that I won't watch any shows about the law, but so many of you recommended THE GOOD WIFE that I started watching from the beginning. I don't know how many episodes I watched this weekend, but I only have the Season 2 finale left and then I just need to watch this past season. So by the end of the summer, I will be all caught up. I don't know why everyone loves Julianna Marguiles so much. Archie Panjabi is THE star of that show. She solves every case, wears cool jackets and boots and she's Bi...to me who cares about anyone else...but you do that's why it's such a good show. Of course you care about Mr. Big and I always loved Josh Charles back from SPORTS NIGHT and Matt Czuchy from GILMORE GIRLS...so Julianna is actually the weakest link, IN MY OPINION, in THE GOOD WIFE chain. There...I said it, I came clean...my secret is out.

-Daily time spent on mobile apps in Q1 2012 reached 77 minutes, up from the 68 minute average vs. year ago.

  • Social networking app usage accounting for 24 of those daily 77 minutes (a 60% increase from the 15 minutes spent vs. year ago.
  • Gaming apps saw a slight decrease, falling by 4% from 25 minutes to 24 minutes in the same timeframe.
  • News app usage experienced a slight increase, rising from 11 minutes to 12,
  • Entertainment and Other, held steady at 10 minutes and seven minutes, respectively.

-BEST FRIENDS FOREVER has already been cancelled...okay fine...get it. BETTY WHITE'S OFF YOUR ROCKERS is doing great and taking BFF's timeslot...that...I don't get. No disrespect to Ms. White, but I am over her...I've had enough Betty

-I only got to the first 30 minutes of THE TV LAND AWARDS last night. So that did included, Kelly Ripa's opening number where she changed into Cher, Wonder Woman, Morticia, and many other famous costumes, before settling on Cat Woman to start the show off. The first show honored was LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY. Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams didn't look too happy to be sitting next each other and Squiggy kind of seemed out of it. Penny Marshall and Whoopi Goldberg seem to both go with a black tent sort of pajama look for the evening. Gotta give credit to Jim Carrey for showing up with his IN LIVING COLOR crew...I didn't get to see the rest of the show...again, these Sunday nights are killers. I was a huge ONE DAY AT A TIME fan so, I will check it all out when I get home tonight. BTW, Mark Consuelos was in the audience supporting Kelly and all of those outfit changes, and looking perfect as always just thought you should know.

-Well we already had heard about Ryan Seacrest's Olympic news, now in addition to these duties, NBC and Ryan have come together on a groundbreaking multi-platform agreement that includes on-air, broadcasting and producing duties across NBC and E! networks. The new two-year deal extends Seacrest's current on-air presence with E! onto NBC, spanning news, entertainment and sports programming

-Monday's Trivia Question: This trivia question was sent in by Heather Doyle, a loyal reader. Since I don't watch AMERICAN IDOL, I didn't know this one: What is the name of the guy that works the lights at the IDOL theatre...apparently Ryan Seacrest will say ".......please dim the lights". Who does he ask?

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