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Connie Passalacqua Hayman -- a.k.a. Marlena De Lacroix

Connie Passalacqua Hayman has parlayed a lifelong love for daytime soap operas into a diversified career as a writer, editor and professor. She started her soap journalism career in 1980 as an assistant to newspaper columnist Jon-Michael Reed, the first soap... more

10 Merry Mid-Month of May Questions - Savoring Soaps
By Marlena De Lacroix

This commentary was co-written by Patrick Erwin.

1. Have you been lost in the maze of brunettes on As the World Turns? When we watched Noelle Beck as nuLily, she looked a lot like Marie Wilson (Meg). Who also looks a lot like Julie Pinson (Janet). Janet also has a look-alike daughter, Liberty (Meredith Hagner). And Liberty looks... more

Beverlee McKinsey: Salute to One of Soaps' Greatest Divas
By Marlena De Lacroix
I feel sorry for younger soap fans who never got to see Beverlee McKinsey on soaps prior to her retirement from major roles in 1992. McKinsey, who died last week in California at 72 of... more

Daytime Emmy Nominations: Same Old, Same Old?
By Marlena De Lacroix
I first attended and wrote about the Daytime Emmys in 1980 and I should be over them by now. But I continue, year after year, to be exasperated by the fact that two things never change: (1) No matter how many times they have been revised or have been updated over... more

"All My Children": Erica and Sugar on the Run...Sweet!
By Marlena De Lacroix
Ever think you're going to hate something and you wind up liking it? I certainly chortled when I heard that jail-bound Erica Kane on All My Children was going to escape from the cops during a police... more

"General Hospital"'s Stephen Macht: Character Actors Can Save Soaps
By Marlena De Lacroix
Every week for months, there have been rumors that Stephen Macht's tough mob lawyer character, Trevor Lansing, is about to be whacked on General Hospital. So while there’s still... more

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