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Steven Rosenbaum is the CEO and Co-Founder of Magnify.net - a fast-growing video publishing platform that powers more than 50,000 web sites, media companies, and content entrepreneurs to aggregate and curate web video from a wide variety... more

Are you Overloaded? Lowe & Partners finds "Personal Filtration" trend driving a new Curation Nation. - Steve Rosenbaum
By Steve Rosenbaum

There is a growing awareness of the limitations and impersonal nature of algorithmic search. People no longer want to rely on passive computing, but want to build ways of navigating and accessing the information available to them.

Curation, the act of organizing and maintaining a collection of information or artifacts, has emerged as ... more

Relationship with Siri vs. my new love Rhoda - Steve Rosenbaum
By Steve Rosenbaum

Let me first say - I've been "exclusive" with Siri since we began our relationship almost two years ago.

I was faithful. I'd ask her questions, and she'd answer. Not always perfect, but never without charm. She even had a few funny jokes she'd tell. And I was smitten. But then - the world kept getter more complicated, and... more

Ownership. Why My Digital Files Aren't Really My Own. - Steve Rosenbaum
By Steve Rosenbaum

I've been thinking about the concept of ownership in the digital world. It seems that owning something digital may not be the same as owning something in the physical world.

Here's how I learned this. I was traveling last week overseas, to France, and then Monaco. I've been catching up on a hit TV series that many of my friends... more

CURATING FACEBOOK: Finding Meaning in the Noise - Steve Rosenbaum
By Steve Rosenbaum

If you're like me, Facebook is both a blessing and a curse.

As more and more people that I'm connected with join Facebook, the more I find Facebook both valuable and noisy.

The truth is some of my actual friends are folks who I'm glad to be connected with, but I might be happier if I could tone down, or tune out, some aspects of... more

When Customers Attack. Comments & The Web. - Steve Rosenbaum
By Steve Rosenbaum

The thing about customer service is that we've all had experiences where something didn't work out quite right. The first thing we wonder - is it us? Did we do something wrong that engendered a bad customer experience? The next thing we wonder - maybe it's an isolated experience? Perhaps it's just one bad sales person, or a day of too many... more

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