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Tom Cunniff About Tom Cunniff

Tom Cunniff is the founder of Cunniff Consulting, an integrated marketing consultancy that helps consumer brands and leading companies in Big Data, Social Media and Mobile succeed. Frequent speaker and panelist. Chairman of the Association Of National Advertisers Digital Committee. He can be reached at ... more

How to Get From Analytics to Insight - Tom Cunniff
By Tom Cunniff

I met recently with the global director of digital for a big, well-known brand. He wanted to talk about analytics and insights.

Or to be more accurate, the abundance of analytics and the paucity of insights.

"I'm out of ideas for what to add", he said with a frown. "I have a feeling we're eternally this... more

Tumblr Is an Idiotic Deal. But It May Not Be Dumb - Tom Cunniff
By Tom Cunniff

A confession.

If 20-year-old high school dropout David Karp had shared his vision for Tumblr with me when he started coding it in 2006, I know what I would have done.

I would have tried to be kind and avuncular.

I would have tried to gently explain why having no business model was a bad idea.

I would ... more

Dove Real Beauty Sketches And Digital Marketing. - Tom Cunniff
By Tom Cunniff

Unilever recently launched a remarkable TV campaign for Dove called "Dove Real Beauty Sketches."

Its power is that it reveals a lot about how women think of themselves.

It also reveals a lot about how we think about digital... more

Five Imperatives for Brands as Digital and TV Collide - Tom Cunniff
By Tom Cunniff

What are the nine most terrifying words in brand marketing?

"We're about to make TV perform like the web".

The web has not been a roaring success for brand marketers. Promising to make TV as effective as the web for brands is like saying to a NASCAR driver "see that busted-up tricycle over there? I can make your ... more

The Promise and Peril of Social TV: Part II - Tom Cunniff
By Tom Cunniff

In Part I of this two-part post, I talked about why the conversation has shifted so strongly to social TV, and about its promise.

If you missed it, I suggest you start here. If you don't, the post you're about... more

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